Programming of software for control, supervision, data and communication systems

At PROCONTROL, a highly important and valuable part of the range of its services is systems programming and our technicians contribute varied experience and broad knowledge, as well as conveying empathy and resolution, letting their clients know that their automatic systems are in very good hands.

The advice of our technicians expresses the evident needs of the clients in the development of totally advantageous software applications. Along this line of evident needs we can highlight:

  • Improvements to the inventory to achieve a major reduction in costs.
  • Reduction in system errors and improved performance.
  • Improvements in the forecasting of the compliance with orders.
  • Access to the automatic systems over the web.
  • Easy use of the applications.
  • Remote maintenance on-line.
  • Total control of the processes by way of the continous interaction of the automatic system with the operators.

PROCONTROL has vast experience in:

  • Programming of all controllers, particularly PLCs (Programmable logic Controller) of different manufacturers: SIEMENS, SCHNEIDER, ABB, ALLEN-BRADLEY, MITSUBISHI, OMRON, ...
  • Programming of all kinds of PCs (desktop or panel PC) with customised monitoring, control and supervision (by way of Visual C++, Visual Basic, Visual .NET,....) or using SCADA software (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition).
  • Programming of operating screens (alphanumeric, graphic, touch,...).
  • Programming and configuration of communications protocols between different systems, deploying conversion gateways, data base tables (SQL Server, Oracle, Access,.....),......
  • Programming and configuration of communications protocols with control functionalities: ProfiBus, ProfiNet, ControlNet, Modbus, DeviceNet, CANOpen, DH+, Unitelway.....
  • Programming and configuration of communications protocols with supervision and data acquisition functionalities: OPC, Ethernet, ModBus,....
  • Configuration of communications on different physical media: Ethernet, RS232, RS485, Wireless, fibre optics,.....
  • Configuration of remote control systems via radiofrequency (GSM, GPRS, ...) and mobile control solutions.
  • Programming of MES systems (Manufacturing Execution Systems), particularly to help manufacturers to improve their operating efficiency and productivity.
  • Programming of Enterprise Intergration Applications.

We are endowed with vast experience in remote control devices via GSM, GPRS or Internet, centralising from our offices in Barcelona, the monitoring of plants such as: the leachate treatment plant in La Seu d'Urgell, the nitrogen storage plant in Pobla de Lillet, the biomass regasificaction plant in Xátiva and the Biodiesel production plant in Málaga.

It should also be mentioned that, owing to accumulated know-how, we have available functions librarires and special control faceplates endowed with great tehnological value, as well as vast experience in the design of customised batch type applications (electronic templates).