Main Services

Adjust and calibration

PROCONTROL carries out adjustments and calibrations of measurement and actuating equipment, using reference standards certified by an ENAC certified body.

Construction of electrical and pneumatic cabinets

PROCONTROL team of workers undertakes all kinds of assembly of LV electric cabinets and pneumatic cabinets:

Engineering and documentation

The technical office of PROCONTROL carries out electrical engineering with a strict degree of thoroughness and commitment, so that the works implementation tasks can be carried out in the most corr


PROCONTROL has highly qualified staff with experience in electrical and pneumatic installations, measurement and control instruments, as well as a team of programmers trained in working with the most advanced equipment on the market.

Electrical and pneumatic installation and assembly

At PROCONTROL we are specialised in a wide range of electric installations and to this end we are registered as a specialised installation company.

We can highlight the following types:

Programming of software for control, supervision, data and communication systems

At PROCONTROL, a highly important and valuable part of the range of its services is systems programming and our technicians contribute varied experience and broad knowledge, as well as conveying em

Basic tests, start-ups, inspections, certificates and training

All our supplies pass the tests and trials in accordance with prevailing regulations.

Other Services


PROCONTROL carries out consulting services in various activities. Within this group of activities we include our services which encompass:

Development of R+D+i projects

PROCONTROL carries out works which complement the R+D+i departments of client companies, contributing value by way of our experience in specific sectors, technology

Generation of technical specifications

PROCONTROL can generate the technical documentation required to be able to carry out supplier contracting processes.

Project management

At PROCONTROL we also carry out project management works:

Migrations of old control systems to new ones

In view of the experience accumulated over the years, we have also specialised in migrations of old control systems to systems with current technologies, revamping complete machines and plants, in